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Equivet Breeding Centre is a  specialty equine practice owned by Max Wilson & his wife Robyn Woodward.


 Max Wilson & his wife Robyn Woodward


The Equine Breeding Centre at Southbrook was established by Max in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest breeding centres in Australia. Robyn Woodward joined the practice in 2002 & is an immensely talented reproduction veterinarian. In 2008 Robyn performed the first successful frozen embryo transfer in this country & continues to be at the fore front of the industry. She now performs over 100 embryo transfers per year making this one of the biggest embryo transfer centres in the country.

Another major activity at the Centre is the artificial insemination of mares using chilled & frozen semen while residing at the Breeding Centre.  There is also a continuous influx of mares coming from all over the eastern states for Robyn’s expert service & advice in reproductive matters.

recip-mares-running-through-trees-resizeEquivet maintains a large herd of recipient mares for use in the extensive embryo transfer program run by Dr Robyn Woodward. These mares are available for lease to mare owners until the foal is weaned. The recipient mares are scanned regularly during the breeding season to establish the most suitable match for the donor mare. During their stay in the breeding program at Equivet you can be sure your mares will be cared for by a dedicated and professional team.mare-foaling-website-resize-1

At Equivet we offer a foaling down service for mares which includes designated foaling boxes, the use of foaling alarms and 24 hour supervision by experienced veterinarians. This service gives clients the best possible chance to ensure the safe arrival of a much anticipated foal.

We also stand several stallions to outside mares at the centre each breeding season and Robyn provides a collection & semen freezing service for these, and other outside stallions, to facilitate preservation of valuable genetics.




Semen collection and freezing equipment at Equivet




 Mares at 'The Spring' at Equivet